Qatar will be buzzing this weekend as it celebrates National Day. Of course, there’s also the remaining days for the Winter Sale. As shopping becomes fast and furious, you may want to try these three winter sale hacks to make your shopping experience better. And it will also help you spare some time to attend fun-filled National Day events.

Location. Location. Location. While it’s definitely strategic to visit the store nearest you, there’s a clever hack to make the most out of store locations during sale time. Visit an area where stores are close together. For example, in Salwa there are two Sports Corner stores which are just side by side. It’s also a short drive away from Adidas Villagio and Adidas Factory Outlet (near Ramada). Being near several stores actually saves you time and effort if you want to buy multiple items or want more choices. You also get to dodge Doha’s traffic.

Accumulate rewards. Most stores offer some form of rewards programs where you can accumulate points and possibly get freebies. In Sports Corner, for instance, there’s Al Jude. The rewards program allows you to collect Al Jude Coins. Just a reminder, coin redemption is not allowed on sale items. Instead, you can then redeem the coins when sale time is over and on regular items. So even if the Winter Sale is done, you can still get perks. Don’t forget to present your rewards card (or apply for one) when you visit the stores.

Check for Further Reductions. You know what’s better than items on sale? Further Reduction. This means further discounts were given to selected items. Also, more items were included in the sale. Be keen on such promos by viewing the social media accounts and websites of the stores. Sports Corner, for instance, recently announced that further reductions will be given during the Winter Sale. So it’s more options and more savings until December 20.

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