As much as you love your kids, you can’t just watch over them while they are in school. If you worry about their health while they’re away in school, there are ways to help them keep healthy. Here are five tips to keep kids healthy while in school.

them to wash hands properly. Some viruses and bacteria can stay in hard surfaces for hours on end. It best that you teach your kids proper handwashing. Before they eat, when they get dirty or after going to the bathroom, tell them to sing the “happy birthday” song in their heads as they wash with soap and water. Then rinse. The time of the song is long enough to kill germs and bacteria.

Pack a healthy but creative snack. Kids can be picky. So you have to upgrade their lunch. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and apple and almond milk is great, but it can be boring if done every day. Change it up by making variations and designing meals. There are lots of websites and apps which teach you how to make foods look like cartoon characters, animals and other cute stuff. Your kid will definitely look forward to lunch. And more importantly, have a healthy and appetizing meal in school.

Give then a good breakfast. At an early age, teach your kids to never skip breakfast. The first meal of the day fuels them for several hours. This means they should have the right energy and nutrients to be physically and academically active. A complete and healthy breakfast can take care of that. It should have protein and complex carbohydrates. For instance, a plate of wheat pancakes, homemade burger patties, and a piece of fruit is a great meal. Cap it off with a glass or milk or water. Should your kids drink juice? If it’s fresh. Store bought ones usually have tons of sugar.

Vaccinate. Whether your kid will be in a class of 30 or mingle with a hundred, illnesses and viruses get spread around. So the best thing you can do is have them vaccinated before the school year starts. Get your kid shots for the flu and other vaccines you child is eligible for. Some schools offer vaccinations, make the most of these. You can even get a quick word from the physician on what illnesses are widespread in schools and get advice on how your child can steer clear of them.

Drink water. Kids can get really active at school. They’re kids after all. But they are not immune to dehydration. Teach your kids to drink water not just when they’re thirsty but when they feel hot or after doing physical activity. Schools often have drinking fountains. You can also provide them with a reusable drinking bottle.

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