Guarantee & After-Sales Service

Quite often, even after you’ve chosen an item and purchased it successfully, you may want to have it replaced or returned afterward - either during or following the delivery process, when filing a return or applying for using our warranty. Here we'll try to explain in plain terms how Sports Corner’s warranty policy works and how you can be using it when shopping with us!

What Products Are Provided With The Warranty?

Most of the items in Sports Corner’s online store has a warranty. Warranties range from a few months to several years. However, there are general terms when it comes to following such conditions:

  • (a) Product warranties

    (a) Product warranties are stated by brands and the terms and conditions of Sports Corner. A breach of the warranty, which can be referred to as incorrect use of the product, damage, or any misuse invalidates the warranty. Additionally, when the product warranty is evoked, an official receipt must be presented by the customer. Item must also come in its original packaging.
  • (b) Sports Corner

    (b) Sports Corner has the right to cancel the sale of the item or order in case of unavailability, unforeseen damage or any instance that could damage customer satisfaction and the integrity of the company. The customer will be notified via email or phone or private social media messages of any cancelation or changes.
  • (c) Discount

    (c) Discount items such as discount coupons, codes and vouchers can be used for orders, as long as it does not violate the terms of the coupons, codes or vouchers. Customers agree in the terms of use provided by Sports Corner regarding such discount items.

Where to Apply for Warranty Services?

In invoking the warranty, you can file for a replacement or return form at the website itself. Sports Corner, upon processing, will determine if there is a legal claim (by addressing the three provisions shown above). Once your claim is cleared, you will be immediately informed of the actions Sports Corner will provide. For further information or follow-ups, you can contact the Customer Service Hotline at 403-6211.

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